Coffee, Good Or Bad

Apparently, the latest spin on coffee is that drinking 3-5 cups a day is good for your heart:

“Regular coffee drinkers have ‘cleaner’ arteries”.

No doubt there will be people today rushing to starbucks and costa to grab another coffee to ensure their heart health is improved because they only read the bits of the article that they want to hear.   But is it so clear and cut as they make out?

Firstly, what coffee were they using and how strong was it?   To what extent was it roasted, how much milk, cream, sugar, and other additives, if any, were added.   How was it prepared; instant, filter, espresso, etc..

And also to bear in mind is that the South Korean diet is massively different to the UK, European and USA diet.   So don’t be thinking chugging down 5 large lattes (whatever a latte is) is going to do you any favours as it may make things worse.

This is why studies on coffee show so many mixed findings.   Too many factors are mixed in with coffee consumption that it’s easy to find some studies showing positive results and some that show negative ones.   Note that the BBC haven’t put a link to the full publication of this study for anyone interested to look at this more closely — i wonder why that is?

Anyway, here’s some food for thought (or should that be drink?):

So maybe instead of going for those extra coffees you might go for a green tea without milk.   Although if you’re really concerned about health then try matcha tea instead:

Or cocoa:

Although do understand that it’s made with boiling water and no milk when you want it to be healthy.

If you want the cream of the crop of healthy beverage then i would suggest adding half a teaspoon of powdered peppermint leaves to your cocoa without milk — now that will do your health a whole lot of good:

Sure, there’s better herbals than peppermint, but peppermint is still amazingly healthy and it also goes so nicely with cocoa so that’s what makes it the winner in my book.

Just stay away from the coffee.   If you’re addicted to caffeine, as most people are, then the theobromine in cocoa will fill all the caffeine receptors in your brain as they both belong to the same group of CNS stimulants, Xanthines.   Addicts can replace one with the other, you just won’t get the wired agitated buzz from theobromine.

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