Raw Vegan Chinese Curry…

A raw curried salad based upon a spice mix i discovered for Chinese curry – it’s nice, just don’t expect it to taste like a cooked curry.

Into a 1 litre blender place…

15g fresh garlic
15g fresh ginger
200g tomatoes
100g celery
20g onion
20g dates
20g apple cider vinegar
90g water
1.5g Ceylon cinnamon
3 cloves
1.5g fennel seeds
1g black peppercorns
1g star anise
0.4g dried chilli
4.5g coriander seeds
2.2g cumin seeds
0.5g mustard seeds
1.5g turmeric
5.2g flax seeds

Blend to a smooth sauce.

Into a large bowl chop and place…

200g savoy cabbage – or other greens of your choice
100g cucumber
1 bell pepper
100g grated carrot
100g brown mushrooms
100g tomatoes
100g celery

Pour curry sauce over salad veg and stir up well and enjoy.

If you find you can’t eat it all you can place leftovers in airtight container in a cold fridge for later on or next day’s lunch.

A huge amount of food for 430 calories with incredible levels of nutrition…