Children Dying From Scurvy — have our diets got that bad?

It’s utterly shocking, and also saddening, that a child in the UK has died from scurvy:

“Dylan Seabridge, aged eight, died of scurvy, says coroner”.

This is 2015, we are one of the richest nations on the planet, and yet children are suffering from vitamin C deficiency to the point that they’re dying from scurvy!

This is the problem with a society that is being fed and addicted to junk food — they end up raising their children on a diet of junk food.

What’s also shocking about this report is this bit:

Katie Hanson, representing the Seabridges, told the inquest that Professor Joris Dlanghe, a specialist from Belgium, questioned those findings.

She told the inquest that Professor Dlanghe was of the opinion that other deficiencies such as folic acid would have been present too, but were not.

A specialist in what?   Obviously not a specialist in nutrition because the human body doesn’t use or need folic acid, and we wouldn’t get folic acid unless we actually ate foods adulterated with it.   There’s no such thing in the human body as a deficiency in folic acid!

Folic acid is palmed off on people as a vitamin B9, but it isn’t vitamin B9.   Vitamin B9 is Folate, a totally different molecule to folic acid.   Rats have been shown to be able to convert folic acid to folate without any side effects, but that doesn’t mean that humans can do the same:

But anyway, how the defence can stand up and somehow state that an abundance of folic acid (a product found in a lot of processed junk food that’s fortified with folic acid) in someone’s body proves they didn’t die from scurvy (a lack of vitamin c) begs an answer in itself.

Should the parents be blamed for this?   That’s an easy way out if you think about it.   Just blame the ignorant fools who didn’t know what a good diet looks like while most people in the UK don’t have any idea what a good diet looks like.   Thousands of people are dying from diseases caused by bad diets (malnutrition) every day, and bad diets (malnutrition) are costing the NHS the vast bulk of its budget to keep up with the diseases caused by this.   Bad diets and malnutrition are why the NHS is in such disarray, and no other reason.

This whole affair begs answers from our society as a whole that children are now being fed such crap diets that they’re beginning to die from scurvy!   What happened to healthy school meals?   One good healthy meal a day would have prevented this, so if a child of this age died from scurvy then questions should be asked of the education authority.

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