New Bike

A long time ago Zwift did a challenge of riding 112 miles on a virtual Diamondback Andean Tri bike in order to get an entry into a raffle for a real world version of it.   Unfortunately, i didn’t win it.

What was even more annoying was that we weren’t allowed to keep the virtual version after riding those 112 miles: which i thought was totally mean and really shit.

But now, with Zwift’s new in game shop thing, i finally got one:

And i even bought that new set of super aero Zipp wheels to make it look even better.

So now i’m finally happy, i’m riding the bike i want to ride on Zwift.   Which will have to do until i win one in a raffle: because, unless i win the lottery, i won’t ever be able to afford one.

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My 2018 on Strava

My 2018 year on Strava.   Not too bad really, my best year yet so i’m happy with that.   Click on pic for a nice little video.

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4 Years Riding on Strava

Sod’s law: that i get to celebrate my 4 year Strava ride anniversary without a trainer to ride on.

I’m hopefully collecting a new replacement one from the shop tomorrow — fingers crossed.

Nice of Strava to remember though and send a nice email.

So, in all that time i’ve ridden 17,394.3 miles doing 929 rides.   And there was a load of miles done unrecorded on the turbo trainer before i went onto Zwift.

So, all in all, not a bad 4 years considering i was a total newbie to proper cycling when i began — those days when 12 miles seemed like hell to ride.   Me and Waldo (my bike) have come a long way since then.

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Zwift — Masochist

And this little picture is all i get for riding my virtual bike up a virtual mountain 25 times.

So why do it, because we’re masochists, why else?

I started this challenge on 14th October, that was the first time i rode up the mountain, and i finished today on the 14th November.   Which i’m quite pleased with.

To be honest, i’m not in any rush to see that mountain again any time soon.   I’m now — officially — totally fed up with it.   Riding along at 4-5mph for all those hours is just plain tedious.   So yeah, you have to be a bit of a masochist to do this — especially in one month.

But done is done and to see this at the top of the 25th ascent…

…makes it all worth while.

What’s next, well i’ve gone and broke the turbo trainer.   That’s 2 turbos in 2 months.   At least this one is under guarantee still.   But i’m gonna be without a turbo for a while when i send this back, so i’m looking forward to some nice treadmill time as i really need to get running again, and i’ll also have a go and see if i can somehow get the old Turbo Muin cobbled back into some kind of working order until i get a new turbo sorted.

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Playing on Rouvy

I’ve had to drop out of Zwift for a while as my main computer (the only one i have that will run Zwift) just conked out. For some reason it won’t start up.

So until that’s fixed i’m using my other computer with Rouvy.   Rouvy is quite nice, really enjoying it.

Will have to see how Rouvy goes until i get my main computer fixed and then decide if i want to stay on Rouvy.   I may try some of the other virtual cycling things and see how they are before deciding whether to come back to Zwift.

Zwift is leaving quite a bit to be desired lately.   They still haven’t put in a choice for worlds on start up even though the world’s are getting ridiculously busy and they keep making stupid excuses for not doing it.   On Rouvy i get to chose wherever i want to ride at start up — not a problem.

Zwift still hasn’t made anything for those of us who have got past level 25. How much longer is this going to take?   Zwift knew when they decided to have these levels that customers would soon achieve them and have had more than enough time to implement something to keep people working towards.

Zwift algorithms are totally and utterly unfair, allowing heavier more powerful riders to corner far faster than us lightweight riders.   Heavier riders, in the real world, have to brake far earlier, take corners far slower and accelerate with more w/kg to get back up to speed, yet Zwift doesn’t reflect any of this and any gains us lightweights make on the climbs is more than negated on the descents and we have no chance in the extreme bias towards flat races that Zwift seems to think is a good idea.

Zwift racing is pretty much always done on the flats, once again, giving us lightweights no real chance of competing against anyone but ourselves at the back of the pack.   About time Zwift stepped in with the event organisers and forced them to make at least half of their events with an adequate amount of climbing — but that’s a bit pointless unless Zwift sort out the cornering algorithm and put in forced decelerations depending upon weight of rider at all corners.   Just running Zwift as one straight road is utterly unfair.

Zwift is totally lacking in the bike customising department.   Why can’t i put aero bars on a Canyon Aeroad for example and why can’t i get a disc wheel like some of the older riders have?   It’s totally fucked up!   And where are 2018’s bikes and wheel sets?   Why isn’t Zwift getting these big bike companies in on the act and advertising on Zwift instead of hiking the prices for users?

Zwift is totally lacking in the kit customising options also.   Why haven’t they allowed people to design their own kits once they achieve a certain number of points?   We’ve done enough riding and paid enough money to Zwift for us to have some simple benefits.   Or Zwift could even add a charge of $10 for your own kit designs.   Just make up a simple template download that you can play around with and upload with your $10 and everyone’s a winner!   More revenue for Zwift and more happy Zwifters.

The shit i don’t want on my customising lists i can’t delete or get rid of.   Why do i have to have loads of kits and bikes and wheels and stuff that i don’t want or will ever use that i have to continuously scroll through to find the stuff i want to use that ride?

Zwift set up a customer suggestion forum, yet Zwift never bother to answer hardly any of the suggestions.   What’s the point of setting the damn thing up if they aren’t going to engage with their customers and start taking some notice of what we want?

Why can’t i design my own courses on a map and save them to my account and share them with friends instead of being stuck forever with the stock beginners portfolio of courses?

So many simple and easy things that Zwift could do very cheaply, quickly and easily but instead they send us all an email telling us that they think Zwift is worth far, far more and by the end of this year we’ll be forced to pay it if we want to stay.   Well Zwift is going to collapse unless they sort their shit out soon because there are lots of other virtual cycling platforms springing up all the time now and it won’t be hard for them to fix all of Zwift’s faults from the beginning and produce a far better experience than Zwift has done.

Ooooh!   I love a good rant.

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2017 Totals

All Activities:

Activities: 650
Distance: 7,208.27
Time: 671:33:18
Calories: 232,807
232,807 calories is over 4 stone of pure fat burned off your butt.


Activities: 217
Miles: 6,725.69
Time: 382:33:02
Calories: 176,176


Activities: 61
Miles: 392.13
Time: 80:15:43
Calories: 32,729


Activities: 1
Miles: 20.91
Time: 3:45:54
Calories: 381


Activities: 23
Miles: 69.50
Time: 33:48:40
Calories: 6,589


Activities: 297
Time: 112:29:07
Calories: 6,582

Yoga & Stretch:

Activities: 51
Time: 58:40:52
Calories: 10,349

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The Morning After the Day Before

So how do i feel this morning after riding 200 miles in one day?

Beat up.

My left knee is a little twingey, as is my right foot and my undercarraige is very tender indeed.   Muscle wise i feel fine, a little achey in the calves but other than that nothing major at all.

What yesterday did teach me was that my muscles aren’t the problem, which is good to know, it’s the joints and seat that need to strengthen and that can only come with time.   So i’m going to have to change my training program a little and put the strength work back in and get that sorted.   Which will certainly mean taking a hit on the endurance for a while but it’ll be worth it in the end.

All in all though, feeling really proud of myself for a great day’s effort on the bike and doing my very best to help Zwift reach the million mile target for World Bicycle Relief.

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My First 200 Mile Ride

I think the full title to the day was the “3rd Annual Ride On For World Bicycle Relief Presented By Zwift”, during which Zwifters would attempt to ride as many miles as possible with the ultimate goal being a collective 1 million miles.

The following is my best effort.

I planned to do shifts of 2 hours riding with 1 hour rest and see how that went.   I’d never attempted anything like this before so it was all totally winging it.

The first 2 hours went really well, felt good but went into total chaos once i got off the bike and had to start organising things for my next 2 hours but managed to get everything sorted inside the hour.

The second 2 hours’ ride went well and the rest hour was a bit more organised.   Keeping up a nice pace of 33kmh for the first 4 hours.

Everything was going so well but a recurring foot issue i’m having started nagging at me toward’s the end so i stopped a few minutes early for my hour’s break and to try some other shoes.

This time i only got through 95 minutes and was really starting to feel the toll of all the riding.   Took a break and had a nice hot bath at this point to see if that would help.

This time only managing 70 minutes, really beginning to suffer quite a lot.

And that’s me absolutely done.   My bum and feet just can’t take any more punishment.   I’m literally at the point where i’m going to start doing some proper damage to myself.

Total for the day:

I reckon 200.7 miles in 9:55:28 spread over 14:45:28 is pretty respectable for a first attempt at a long ride.   I’ve learned a lot about myself and my riding and also the logistics of doing this sort of thing, so all good stuff for the future.

My next ultra cycle thing is Everesting the Radio Tower.

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