Don’t Exercise, It Won’t Do You Any Good

So now we have this piece of utter nonsense:

“Exercise ‘not key to obesity fight'”.

Firstly, let get one thing straight.   Activity and exercise are not the same thing.   Going for a walk is not exercise, it’s just an activity.   Bear that in mind if you want to lose weight.

When i walk, which i do briskly, i burn 180 calories an hour.   That’s an activity.   My heart rate barely ever goes above 90bpm.

When i cycle, at bottom to middle of zone 2, i burn over 360 calories an hour.   This is light exercise.

When i cycle at the top of zone 2 / bottom of zone 3 i burn over 450 calories and hour.   This is normal exercise.

The difference is what it makes your body do afterwards.   The exercise will put into action changes in your body in the recovery period which will make your body far more efficient at burning calories and will also raise your resting metabolic rate, burning even more calories.   Activity doesn’t do anything like that.

Exercising for 2 hours a day, i can easily burn 6300 calories a week.   That equates to burning 36.4kg of fat a year.   That’s 5.7 stone of fat.   And that’s just in the exercise period, that doesn’t begin to factor in the extra calories that will be burned in the recovery period due to the exercise, or the increase in resting metabolic rate due to the exercise.

But if i was to go for a brisk walk for two hours every morning i would only be burning 14 kg of fat a year.

I hope you can see the difference?

But even still, if everyone who is overweight just did 2 hours of brisk walking a day that would make a huge difference over a year.   Especially considering that i’m only 8st 11lbs in weight and the heavier you are the more calories you will burn when you walk.

How do you know what a brisk walk is?   Buy a heart rate monitor and use it every time you go for a walk.   Buy a good one that you can program your weight into with GPS tracking for speed and distance as that gives you a more accurate read on calories burned.   Garmin make great heart rate monitors.   Yes, a good one may be expensive, but it will give you many years of happy healthy fulfilled life in return.   It’ll be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.   If you’re buying a HRM for use with a phone then check to see if the HRM is Ant+ or Bluetooth.   If it’s Ant+ you’ll need a Samsung phone as most other phones don’t have Ant+ receivers in them.

A good, fully GPS, whistles and tinsel, sports watch — or suitable phone app — that tracks everything you do will make you realise just how little you are actually doing.   We can so easily convince ourselves that we’ve just walked 8 miles at a brisk pace but a good sports watch or phone app will soon tell you that you only walked 5 miles at slow pace.   There’s no cheating with these things.

Anyway, for these so called experts to be saying that exercise (and even activity) is no good in the treatment of obesity, one has to ask just what their agenda is.   Because i would welcome the chance to go on national television with them and debate this live for the whole country to see.   The science is solid in what i have written above.   1kg of fat is 9000 calories.   If you burn 6300 calories a week then you will burn 36.4kg or 5.7 stone of fat a year — at least.   And as i said above, these figures are for me at 8st 11lbs, the heavier you are the more calories you will burn.

Granted, most people could not go out today and start burning that amount of calories straight away.   I certainly couldn’t when i bought Waldo last October.   But 6 months of riding with Waldo and 6300 calories a week is easily doable.   A bit more each time you exercise, a bit faster, a bit further, and within 6 months most of us can easily be burning a huge amount of fat off our waistlines.

Waldo is my “Giant Defy 1” road bike, in case you were wondering.

But then i hear people say, i haven’t got two hours a day to spare.   Well i beg to differ.   Throw the television away for a start — there’s nothing on it that will make your life any good whatsoever, you’ll just sit there eating crap, drinking crap staring at it going brain dead, staying up late and not getting enough sleep.   Not getting enough sleep is a cause of obesity and if you seriously want to lose weight then you need to get a good night’s sleep every night, and staring at a back lit screen before you go to bed does not allow you to get a good night’s sleep.   Go to bed at 7pm having read a book for an hour first, and get up at 3.30 and go for a bike ride when there’s no traffic about and the air is cleaner.   Stop driving or taking public transport to work and cycle there instead, and start taking detours as you get fitter and faster to make the journey longer and burn more calories doing it.   Get a bike rack with big panniers and do your shopping using your bike instead of your car.   Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

But to say that exercise is no help in treating obesity is just total nonsense.

And the other benefit of exercise is that it improves both your physical and mental health at the same time as burning loads of calories.   You will feel younger, happier, more enthusiastic for life.   What’s not to like?

I will discuss the diet part of the above BBC article in my next post.   Cause that’s a load of nonsense as well!

Best wishes.

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Children Dying From Scurvy — have our diets got that bad?

It’s utterly shocking, and also saddening, that a child in the UK has died from scurvy:

“Dylan Seabridge, aged eight, died of scurvy, says coroner”.

This is 2015, we are one of the richest nations on the planet, and yet children are suffering from vitamin C deficiency to the point that they’re dying from scurvy!

This is the problem with a society that is being fed and addicted to junk food — they end up raising their children on a diet of junk food.

What’s also shocking about this report is this bit:

Katie Hanson, representing the Seabridges, told the inquest that Professor Joris Dlanghe, a specialist from Belgium, questioned those findings.

She told the inquest that Professor Dlanghe was of the opinion that other deficiencies such as folic acid would have been present too, but were not.

A specialist in what?   Obviously not a specialist in nutrition because the human body doesn’t use or need folic acid, and we wouldn’t get folic acid unless we actually ate foods adulterated with it.   There’s no such thing in the human body as a deficiency in folic acid!

Folic acid is palmed off on people as a vitamin B9, but it isn’t vitamin B9.   Vitamin B9 is Folate, a totally different molecule to folic acid.   Rats have been shown to be able to convert folic acid to folate without any side effects, but that doesn’t mean that humans can do the same:

But anyway, how the defence can stand up and somehow state that an abundance of folic acid (a product found in a lot of processed junk food that’s fortified with folic acid) in someone’s body proves they didn’t die from scurvy (a lack of vitamin c) begs an answer in itself.

Should the parents be blamed for this?   That’s an easy way out if you think about it.   Just blame the ignorant fools who didn’t know what a good diet looks like while most people in the UK don’t have any idea what a good diet looks like.   Thousands of people are dying from diseases caused by bad diets (malnutrition) every day, and bad diets (malnutrition) are costing the NHS the vast bulk of its budget to keep up with the diseases caused by this.   Bad diets and malnutrition are why the NHS is in such disarray, and no other reason.

This whole affair begs answers from our society as a whole that children are now being fed such crap diets that they’re beginning to die from scurvy!   What happened to healthy school meals?   One good healthy meal a day would have prevented this, so if a child of this age died from scurvy then questions should be asked of the education authority.

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