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Books I’ve Read…

Books are to film what a whole food plant based diet is to junk food. Films are nothing but highly processed stories, they give the general outline of the story and characters without any of the depth that the book contains. Consuming hours of video each and every night, flooding our brains with thousands and thousands of shallow story lines each week, is not healthy for our minds.

The worse of it is is that most people watch video for several hours in the evening before going to bed. This completely disrupts our brain’s melatonin cycle, which in turn completely disrupts our sleep and dream cycles. This leaves us anxious, tired, depressed, paranoid and ageing far quicker than we should be. Essentially, video before bed is unhealthy on every level.

So take a break from video and read some books instead. Ditch the TV licence and buy some books, or a Kindle, instead. Slow down your brain’s consumption of new characters and story lines and allow yourself to sleep, dream, rest and recover as you need to do for good health, fitness and wellbeing.

Evening should be a time to relax and chill out quietly. If you find yourself falling asleep while reading that’s because you’re tired and need to sleep. So instead of fighting it and flooding your brain with television and film, just go to sleep – even if it is 6pm. You’ll feel so much better in the morning.

Below are some books i’ve really enjoyed reading (and a few i haven’t) to ‘maybe’ get you started on your own reading journey – enjoy…

The Trophy Cabinet…


Below are all the trophies that i’ve collected using Strava, Zwift and Rouvy challenges, levels and achievements – and some other things as well.

Collecting Strava trophies is like trainspotting only you get really fit doing it, and the Zwift and Rouvy challenges, levels and achievements are likewise – you have to work your butt off to achieve these things.

Jump on board, open a Strava, Rouvy, Zwift account (or whatever platform takes your fancy) and start trainspotting your own collection and enjoy all those health and fitness benefits at the same time – what’s not to like?

There’s lots of ways to collect achievements and trophies, so find one or more that works for you and go for it. It really does give you that extra boost and encouragement to push that little bit harder.

Learn To Skate With Skatefresh Apps…

For anyone wanting to learn to rollerskate, whether inline or quads, street skating, derby or disco, then have a look at my Skatefresh apps page.

So no more excuses, buy some skates and get rolling!

Best wishes.

Being A Vegan Made Me Ill…

A great article for your perusal…

Are You A Sickly Vegetarian (Vegan)?

So i’ve been wandering around the internet conversing with and reading posting by other vegans, and ex-vegans, seeing what i can learn.

One of the things that strikes me is how many ex-vegans claimed to have become sick and ill due to their vegan diet.

Yet one thing they all have in common, is junk/processed food. All were eating bread, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients, and completely un-wholefood. Several were eating tofu, once again, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients – and in most cases – chemicals to curdle the soya milk with. A few were eating seitan, a highly refined wheat protein garbage junk food.

It makes me wonder that if they admit openly to eating these products (even while some are claiming to be wholefood vegans – WTF!) what else are they eating and drinking that they’re not admitting to?

Certainly one thing that strikes me in the above three items is the obvious paranoia that some vegans have for getting enough protein. Drinking gallons of soya milk, eating tofu and seitan and bread because they either think, or know, that their diet doesn’t have enough protein in it.

It’s completely ridiculous!

I cannot imagine any wholefood vegan diet being deficient in protein. For a start, how many people have you ever encountered that have been hospitalised for protein deficiency? The only people that i’m aware of who suffer any protein deficiency are calorie restricting dieters and people suffering famine. I’m not aware of any wholefood vegan that has ever suffered from protein deficiency. If a wholefood vegan diet caused a protein deficiency then i’m sure there would be far more illnesses associated with this diet, when in fact there are incredibly few cases of any illnesses that are massively prevalent in every other diet.

We actually do not need as much protein as dieticians would have us believe. The current protein levels suggested are heavily influenced by Big Meat and Big Dairy and they have a very big interest in keeping people scared that they’re not getting enough protein.

What’s annoying is that people are so quick to blame their vegan diet for their ills and woes, when in fact they should be blaming the junk/processed foods and drinks that they’re consuming. Even if you aren’t a vegan, most of your ills will not come from a healthy, wholefood, meat and veg diet, most of your ills will come from junk/processed foods.

Wake up and throw the processed junk garbage away – it’s pure poison! If it has a list of ingredients then it’s adulterated garbage. Buy wholefood, no matter if you’re veggie, vegan, fruitarian, meat eating, paleo or whatever, you’ll be much healthier for it.

Best wishes.

Cycling (again)…

It looks like the BBC is having a bit of a cycle safety season…. about time too.

Unfortunately, more cyclists are being injured or killed on our roads, which one might think strange when there are less people using bicycles regularly now than 40-50 years ago when i was a child.

But then, there’s far more HGV’s, vans, cars, etc., on our roads now. So looking at that statistic, one could infer that with less bicycles and more vehicles on the roads the fact that more cyclists are getting injured or killed must mean that it’s not the fault of the cyclists. Food for thought!!!

Anyway, back to the BBC.  Today they had a hi-tech article which i thought i’d talk a little about… Could hi-tech accessories make cycling safer?

First, the laser thingy. At £125 one has to think, “Is this really worth it?” You still need to have your normal lights on your bicycle, so essentially you’re going to spend £125 for one extra light on the front. Now let’s face it, most cyclists in the UK, cycle because they haven’t got much money, so £125 for one light is a little over the top, IMHO. Wouldn’t it be far better to spend £125 on all round lighting for your bicycle? You can go and buy 4 sets of, very good brightness, front and back lights, ten reflectors to fit in your spokes on each wheel, the most amazing hi-viz vest, lots of hi-viz reflective tape, and still have plenty of change from £125. Seriously!!! Think about it!!! I know what i’d rather have on my bicycle.

The other thing about the laser is that it projects an image onto the road 5 metres in front of the bike, thereby distracting any driver’s attention away from the bicycle itself – whoops, didn’t see you as i was totally distracted by the green bike sign drifting along the road.

I like the idea of the inflatable helmet, but the cost is, once again, ridiculous. But as some of you probably noticed in my last Cycling blog entry, i didn’t mention helmets at all. Why, because i don’t think they’re the most important thing to consider for safety. It’s far far far more important not to get hit by something in the first place!

I also think, like the article inferred, that you are actually safer not wearing a helmet. If you’re wearing protective equipment of any kind, you are more likely to take risks that you otherwise wouldn’t. This is a natural thing that most people are prone to. And also, people seeing other people wearing protective equipment are more likely to be a little more dangerous around them. I would like to see statistics of how many cyclists are involved in accidents with helmets as opposed to without.

And just for a little bit of a giggle… The bike test that shows what we’re really like at work

Maybe that’s why i don’t have a job. LOL

Best wishes.


So today in the news… Readers’ radical solutions to protect cyclists

While i agree with some of the points made, i really don’t think that list is very good for keeping people safe on bicycles.

I’ve been a life long cyclist and spent over 12 years living and cycling in London – so i know what i’m talking about when it comes to “Urban Combat Cycling” as i call it. And when i use that term, i really mean it. London roads can be like a war zone for cyclists, and it’s a good thing to keep reminding yourself of that.

How to keep safe while cycling…

1… Do not wear headphones. Listening to music is one of the quickest ways to get you in trouble on a bicycle. Your ears serve as a second set of eyes, you need to be attentive to what is behind you and listening carefully is like having eyes in the back of your head.

2… Wear bright colours.  Hi viz vests can slip over the top of whatever you’re wearing and can be removed quickly and shoved into a pocket when you get to where you’re going. Remember, you cannot be bright enough, pile on the dayglo.

3… Be aware that vehicles do have blind spots. If you don’t understand this, just go and stand near a busy junction and watch lorries turning and see how they behave and how the mirrors lose sight of the side of the vehicle when they’re turning, and watch how the back wheels cut the corner. Don’t put yourself anywhere near a big lorry at a junction, even if they’re not indicating, the driver just may have forgotten to indicate. Remember also, with large vehicles you as a cyclist cannot see what’s on the other side of them, so be fucking careful!!! Holding back when large vehicles are around may add a minute or two to your journey, but it can save your life.

4… Use lights at night. Bright ones. Several. At least two front and two back ones. Super bright modern LED bike lights are not very expensive and run great on rechargeables. Fill your bike up with light if you cycle in the dark. My best advice for lights is to go on eBay and buy two Cree T6 front lights with 18650 batteries. Most come with a free back light that runs on 2 aaa batteries. 18650 batteries are great and can be recharged lots of times if you use an intelligent charger. A good charger is well worth the money because it looks after your batteries and doesn’t cook them making them last for a very long time.

5… Be confident and assertive – where appropriate (see warning on lorries above)! There really is nothing worse on the road than a dithering, mincing, cyclist. Vehicle drivers should be left in no doubt whatsoever of your intentions. Ok, i probably do take this one a bit too far as i have been known to play chicken with cars, never lorries, but i don’t recommend it for the faint hearted. But my point is that drivers really do not want to kill or injure you, if you make them fully aware of what you’re doing they do their utmost to avoid you.

6… Buy a tax disc holder for your bicycle and put a tax disc in it. Apparently there’s lots of car drivers who think that the reason so many people are injured on bicycles is simply because they don’t have a tax disc. I’m obviously being facetious here. But it’s in the BBC article linked to above and sadly there doesn’t seem to be anything facetious in Alexander, Birmingham’s remarks. Let’s get something straight… no one pays road tax. There is no such thing as road tax, just vehicle excise duty, charged on a level appropriate to the gas guzzling nature of the vehicle in question. I pay vehicle excise duty on my moped, and to be honest, i get treated no differently by car, van, bus or lorry drivers on that than i do on a bicycle. So **** off with your road tax comments!!! Surely it would be better to just scrap VED altogether and put the price of petrol and diesel up. At least then those who pollute the most, pay the most, and the government would save millions by not employing all those people at DVLA to administer a stealth tax that causes so much bad feelings between road users.

7… More congestion charging zones. Any cyclist who remembers the centre of London pre-zone, will tell you how bad it was. Most people wouldn’t cycle there because it really was incredibly dangerous. Then came the congestion charging and the traffic dropped massively and drivers were less stressed out and grumpy and cycling through the city was very easy and relatively safe in comparison to what it had been. If more cities and towns brought in congestion charging – and used the money made to fund better public transport and cycle lanes, things would be a lot safer and healthier for everyone. It would also help the country to meet our carbon limits.

8… Ride a bicycle that you can sit up straight on (Dutch style). They’re far better for your back than being hunched over the handle bars, but most importantly, if you’re sat up straight then you can see very clearly over the tops of cars and they can see you. Being hunched down and bent over limits your field of vision massively, and hides you behind vehicles and all the dayglo in the world ain’t gonna help if you’re hidden from sight. So get your bicycle a long stem for your handle bars and sit up properly.

9… Turn your phone off!!!!!!! You do not need pointless distractions while cycling. Don’t worry, the text messages will arrive when you switch it back on, and people can call back later – when it’s safer for you to answer.

10… Keep your bike in good running order, and know how to use it properly. You do not need something going drastically wrong with your bicycle, like your chain coming off or getting your trouser leg stuck in the cogs, in the middle of a junction surrounded by moving vehicles.

And that’s my ten most important cycling safety things. But you can add stuff in the comments box below if you can think of other things.

Best wishes.