The Trophy Cabinet…


Below are all the trophies that i’ve collected using Strava, Zwift and Rouvy challenges, levels and achievements – and some other things as well.

Collecting Strava trophies is like trainspotting only you get really fit doing it, and the Zwift and Rouvy challenges, levels and achievements are likewise – you have to work your butt off to achieve these things.

Jump on board, open a Strava, Rouvy, Zwift account (or whatever platform takes your fancy) and start trainspotting your own collection and enjoy all those health and fitness benefits at the same time – what’s not to like?

There’s lots of ways to collect achievements and trophies, so find one or more that works for you and go for it. It really does give you that extra boost and encouragement to push that little bit harder.

Richmond World’s Route

My fastest forward lap Time on Zwift’s ‘Richmond World’s Route’…

Strava segment information.

Done on the Tron bike.

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My 2018 on Strava

My 2018 year on Strava. Not too bad really, my best year yet so i’m happy with that. Click on pic for video version.

click here to go to, My year on Strava, 2018 video.

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4 Years Riding on Strava

Sod’s law… that i get to celebrate my 4 year Strava ride anniversary without a trainer to ride on.

I’m hopefully collecting a new replacement one from the shop tomorrow – fingers crossed.

Nice of Strava to remember though and send a nice email.

So, in all that time i’ve ridden 17,394.3 miles doing 929 rides. And there was a load of miles done unrecorded on the turbo trainer before i went onto Zwift.

So, all in all, not a bad 4 years considering i was a total newbie to proper cycling when i began – those days when 12 miles seemed like hell to ride. Me and Waldo (my bike) have come a long way since then.

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It’s Official, i’m a Masochist…

And this little picture is all i get for riding my virtual bike up a virtual mountain 25 times.

So why do it, because we’re masochists, why else?

I started this challenge on 14th October, that was the first time i rode up the mountain, and i finished today on the 14th November. Which i’m quite pleased with.

To be honest, i’m not in any rush to see that mountain again any time soon. I’m now officially, totally fed up with it. Riding along at 4-5mph for all those hours is just plain tedious, so yeah, you have to be a bit of a masochist to do this, especially in one month.

But done is done and to see this at the top of the 25th ascent…

…makes it all worth while.

What’s next, well i’ve gone and broke the turbo trainer. That’s 2 turbos in 2 months. At least this one is under guarantee still. But i’m gonna be without a turbo for a while when i send this back, so i’m looking forward to some nice treadmill time as i really need to get running again, and i’ll also have a go and see if i can somehow get the old Turbo Muin cobbled back into some kind of working order until i get a new turbo sorted.

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Vuelta 18 Challenge…

38th out of 537…

Admittedly, i had to re-ride a few routes a few times to get 38th place. Worked hard for this one as this was my last on Rouvy for a while, as this was the final challenge needed to complete my Rouvy Career to Legend. So now i’m off back to Zwift for a while as i’m currently limiting my riding to focus more on my running for a change and Zwift is good for that – see how that goes.

Anyways, Rouvy’s been great, got a lot fitter along the journey with them but now i need some new targets.

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Rouvy ‘Legend’ Level…

Just completed ‘World Class’ level on Rouvy…

And i’m now a Rouvy Legend…

And that’s it. All the levels completed, big bad boss beaten, game over, and all in 7 months – which i don’t think is too shabby.

So now what? Well, i’m going to finish my month’s subscription on Rouvy as it would be silly not to use it up as i do enjoy Rouvy, and then i’m going back to Zwift for a while.

WTF! Yes, back to Zwift. I’ve been getting lots of messages on VeloViewer about the Strava segment positions i set while i was previously on Zwift getting lower and lower and dragging my VeloViewer Score down – can’t have that!!! So i really feel the need to go back to Zwift for a while and bump a few back up – call it vanity, i don’t care. 😀 But vanity, or not, it’s going to be interesting as all i’ve spent my time on while riding on Rouvy has just been getting used to riding in an aero tuck and getting all the power back that i lost when i switched over to using the tri-bars full time – which i think i’ve done and then some on top. Anyways, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what times i can set on Zwift now in an aero tuck on tri-bars and compare them to the times i set previously on the tops and drops. At least on Zwift they have the TT bike that has its algorithm set up to give the reduced drag of being in an aero tuck which isn’t the case on Rouvy. On Rouvy everyone’s given a normal riding position drag coefficient and there’s no way of changing it.

I’m also quite interested to try out the new routes on Zwift as well and set a few times on those too.

Then once that’s done i’m going to go off and find another platform to play on. There’s quite a few different platforms out there now and i really would like to try them all eventually and complete all their levels as well.

I’m currently planning on coming back to Rouvy on 1st October 2019 and going for double Legend status – which means completing all levels twice through in the 12 months between 1st October 2019 and 30th September 2020, but in the meanwhile there’s so much more of the virtual cycling world to sample and i want to see what some of the others have to offer.

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Hamburger Challenge #3…

28th out of 389…

This was a lot of riding and awesome to get 28th place. I even treated myself to 4 vegan burgers yesterday to celebrate my acheivement – sometimes it’s ok to do a little junk food. 😀

#loverouvy #gettingfitter #growingyoung

PowerTap Endurance Challenge…

192nd out of 636…

So i did the absolute bare minimum to complete this challenge, but i’m being good and sticking with my training plan as much as possible. Admittedly i did go a little longer than planned, 32 minutes to be exact, on this ride but that was only as far as i needed. And that’s all i needed to do to get this challenge in the bag towards my Rouvy career, which is all that matters.

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