Cycling With Headphones

Let’s discuss another article from the BBC on cycling safety:

“Headphones dilemma for cyclists”.

Anyone watching the video must come to the same conclusion as i do.   Why are you taking calls on your mobile phone while cycling?   I’m not sure what’s worse, waiting for calls on your mobile phone without music playing, or just listening to your MP3 player.   Then there’s obviously the third option, listening to MP3’s on your mobile phone while waiting for calls and texts while cycling.

Personally, i can’t think of an easier way to get yourself killed.

Please see earlier post on cycling where i put forth my top ten tips on keeping safe while cycling.   The very first one is “Do not wear headphones.”   The reasons are very clearly stated.

You ears are as important as your eyes while you are cycling.   They really are.

Now i do accept the argument that deaf people should be allowed to cycle as well, that may be so, but it’s their risk to do so with limited senses.   But we should also consider that deaf people will probably be much more acutely tuned to vibrations in their environment and also have a heightened use of their sight to compensate for what they don’t hear.   They most certainly aren’t off in la-la-land listening to the latest beats on headphones or answering a phone call.   As a life long cyclist with many years of Urban Combat Cycling experience in London, i absolutely stand by my point that listening to your environment while cycling is without a doubt one of the biggest safety measures you can take on a bicycle.

Your ears are really — really — important when cycling.   They allow you to sense things that your eyes cannot see.   You do not have 360 degree vision, but you do have 360 degree hearing.   It’s simply one of the best weapons in your “keep you safe” arsenal.   Why would any cyclist willingly want to destroy this valuable sense?

Should it be illegal?

No, i don’t think so.   If people wish to cycle with headphones then that should be their choice, but it should be made very clear in statistics which cyclists involved in accidents were wearing headphones at the time and then cyclists can make an informed choice of their own.   And any cyclist causing an accident who is wearing headphones should be prosecuted fully.

But my personal stance is that my first and foremost rule for cycling is: DON’T WEAR HEADPHONES!!!!

And don’t be taking calls on your mobile phone while cycling.   The calls will log themselves without your intervention and you can ring them back later, and texts will also be waiting for you when you stop somewhere safe.

The only thing i use my phone for when cycling is for running IBike, which logs my heart rate, cadence, speed and maps my route while i cycle.   Other than that, you don’t need your phone!

Nuff said.

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Now This Is A Great Youtube Vid

I grew up as a child being told by every doctor that i was going to die because my heart was damaged.   I have lived every day as if it were my last since i was a child, and i didn’t die like all those idiot doctors said i would.

And i wouldn’t change a thing!

Best wishes.

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Barefooters have some uses then

I can’t help but love this article:

“The young ‘barefooters’ making bowls cool”.

I’ve looked at bowling greens a few times and wondered if they’d mind.   It always seemed such a lovely game for a pleasant summer evening with friends.

Great to see us barefooters being of some use to OAP’s.

So anyone up for a game of barefoot bowling in Exmouth sometime?

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