Plant-Strong Podcast

Rip Esselstyn has finally taken the plunge and began his very own podcast. Yes folks, the ‘Plant-Strong Podcast’ is finally here.   Me is thinking that this just may turn out to be the very best vegan podcast ever and i’m very much looking forward to lots of future episodes.

As well as the links on the website you can also get this on Podbean.   Podbean’s my absolute most favourite podcast hosting site forever, because, in truth, it’s the only one i’ve ever used.

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Ninja Foodi – Ketchup Prep

Following on from my ‘Ninja Foodi – Air Fried Chips’ recipe, it’s time to make preparations for the ketchup.

Normally ketchup uses vinegar for its tart, acid taste, but as this is a wholefood, raw ketchup we’ll be using whole lemon — rind and all — as the rind contains a lot of healthy benefits as long as its organic.   If you can’t get the lemons, or if you prefer, you can substitute your preferred vinegar for the lemon.

To begin, go and buy some organic, unwaxed lemons.   This step is important as in the ketchup recipe we’ll be using the whole lemon including the rind, and as non-organic lemons have pesticides, herbicides, and who knows what else impregnated into their rind, it’s best to avoid.

If you’re lucky you may be able to buy these lemons single, but i can only buy them in a pack of three.   Either way, you only need 1/8th for the ketchup recipe and there’s no point in wasting the rest so here’s what to do with your lemons.

Step 1.   Top and tail the lemons…

Step 2.   Cut in half across the grain…

Step 3.   Cut halves into quarters to make eighths…

Step 4.   Place them in a Tupperware and put in the freezer…

As an added bonus, you now have a load of organic, unwaxed, super healthy, frozen lemons to add to sauces and smoothies whenever you feel like.   Experiment with other recipes you may have and see what the addition of 1/8th of a lemon brings to it — you may be pleasantly surprised.

Next time we’ll get around to making the ketchup for your ‘Ninja Foodi Air Fried Chips’.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Diet…

What makes Lewis so able to do all the things he does in life and still be leading this year’s title race by 40 points?

A plant based diet (that’s a euphemism for vegan diet)…

“Health-wise, I’m super healthy. I went on a plant-based diet last year – I started here last year – and it’s been the best year of my life physically.”

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Annoying Food Excuses – It’s Too Expensive

A doctor on the internet suggested that eating 1 lb of greens a day would dramatically improve people’s health and go a long way to reversing type 2 diabetes.

In the comments there was the usual complaint… ‘1 lb of greens is too expensive.’

I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve heard the excuse from unhealthy people that eating healthy is too expensive, that they would love to eat healthier but just can’t afford to.

Utter bollox!!! I call shenanigans on all of them.

1 lb is 454 grams

Current prices in my local Tesco supermarket (other UK supermarkets have similar prices).

Broccoli… currently at 55 pence for 350g – but if you go in the morning you’ll find many heads of 350g broccoli that weigh well over 454g.

Broccoli can be cut up into little bits (stems included) and frozen and then steamed, added to soups, stews and smoothies all day long. 454g of broccoli is easy to get through in a day.

Savoy… currently at 69 pence per head – again, go early and you’ll find plenty of heads that weigh at least 454g.

Keep heads of savoy in bag in chill draw in fridge and only take off outer leaves and it’ll stay fresh for quite a few days. Finely chop the leaves and add to salads, steam the leaves whole, etc.. Once again, easy to munch through 1lb in a day. Put stems in a container in fridge and add to smoothies to make them more nutritious.

Collard Greens… 62 pence for at least 500 grams.

I like to seperate these into whole leaves and lay them flat in a freezer drawer. When you thaw them out you can use them to make sushi style wraps completely raw – seriously nice!

A little more pricey…

Kale… currently on sale at 49 pence for 206g = £1.08 for 1 lb.

Spinach… 63 pence for 200 grams

Sweetheart… 79 pence each

And that’s just a quick glance at one supermarket. You can find much cheaper than this if you shop around.

How much was that big macfilth meal you ate last night?

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Drink Driving and Food

I was surprised by this article, and i’m sure many others will be also…

Can you get drunk on boozy food?

So please think about the alcohol you are maybe eating, as well as drinking, if you intend to be driving.

Better still, just quit alcohol altogether and save yourself the worry – no more hangovers and much improved health, fitness, longevity and wellbeing.

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