Cancer Treatment

An article on the BBC shows how Big Pharma are milking tax payers with over inflated costs for cancer medicines.   It states just how upset big pharma UK is with not getting paid extortionate costs for their useless medicines.

Useless?   Yes, useless.   Make no mistake, these medicines do not cure cancer, and neither do they prevent it.   They simply keep a patient alive longer so that Big Pharma can make ever more profits out of the sick.   More people are dying from cancer now than ever before, but the medicines keep getting more expensive even though they are proving more and more to be totally ineffectual at curing cancer.

Big Pharma do not want to cure cancer, cancer makes them too much profit for them to wish it cured.   The cancer industry is just that, an industry.   It is worth mega billions of dollars each year and it’s not going to bite the hand that feeds it with a cure.   Just consider how many billions have been given to cancer research, but what have cancer research done with those billions?   You never see cancer research charities telling everyone what cures their billions have made.

However, it is a fact that most cancers are caused by diet, and can be prevented by diet:

Over 90% of cancers are caused by environment, less than 10% by genetics.   Of the environmental causes, Diet, 30-35% is directly diet related.   Obesity, 10-20%, and alcohol, 4-6%, are also diet related, although inderectly.   Tobacco claims 25-30% of all cancers caused by environment — again, completely preventable.   Infections, 15-20%, and one has to question how many of these infections would have been prevented with a healthy diet?   Infections caused by type 2 diabetes would fall into this bracket.   Other causes, 10-15%, and again, what effect has diet had on these?

But the answer people are crying out for isn’t to sort out the food chain and prevent Big Food putting adulterants like high fructose corn syrup into every bit of processed food they manufacture — thus causing obesity and type 2 diabetes, thus causing a lot of cancer — the answer people are crying out for is for government to pay even more ridiculous sums of money to Big Pharma so that Big Food can keep on profiting out of their appalling adulterated diets.

And why aren’t doctors treating people with nutrition?   Well because doctors, in general, know very little about nutrition, they simply aren’t trained in nutrition:

I guarantee that if you randomly select 10 GP’s in the UK i will prove more knowledgeable about nutrition than at least 9 of them, if not all 10.   Doctors aren’t concerned in healthy people, if everyone was healthy through a good healthy diet then doctors wouldn’t be making any money, and their shares in Big Pharma (where doctors invest their millions that they’ve weaselled out of the sick and ill by refusing any help unless they’re paid extortionate salaries) would end up worthless.   You are only of value to your doctors if you are ill.   And the best value they can get out of you is to prescribe you drugs from the pharmaceutical corporation that they have shares in — not treat you and cure you with healthy dietary advice.

Most cancers are preventable through diet.   A lot of cancers are even treatable through diet alone.   But people refuse to change their diets claiming that they can’t live without their bacon sandwiches and cheeseburgers — but the truth is, you can’t live with them.   So make a choice.   Eat unhealthy food and get cancer, or eat a wholefood vegan diet and you most probably won’t.

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