Burn Fat Not Oil

The greatest piece of weight loss equipment ever invented:

Really good for fitness also.

It’s so easy to burn off 20 kilograms of fat in a year riding a good bike for an hour a day — just peddle at 90rpm cadence until your HRM says you burned 500 calories.   And the benefit to your immediate environment is huge.   No more stuck in traffic jams, no more getting stressed out for a parking space and paying stupid money for the privilege of parking your steel box there.

For those a little scared of going outside: buy a turbo trainer and get a subscription to Zwift or Rouvy and ride indoors and burn tons of fat in the comfort of your home.   I’ve used both of these platforms and can highly recommend both.   Other platforms are available and most come with a free trial offer so you can see if you like them before you pay anything.

What’s not to like?

Burn Fat Not Oil — go ride a bike!

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