Being a Vegan Made Me Ill

A great article for your perusal:

Are You A Sickly Vegetarian (Vegan)?

So i’ve been wandering around the internet conversing with and reading posting by other vegans, and ex-vegans, seeing what i can learn.

One of the things that strikes me is how many ex-vegans claimed to have become sick and ill due to their vegan diet.

Yet one thing they all have in common, is junk/processed food.   All were eating bread, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients, and completely un-wholefood.   Several were eating tofu, once again, a highly processed product made with highly refined ingredients — and in most cases — chemicals to curdle the soya milk with.   A few were eating seitan, a highly refined wheat protein garbage junk food.

It makes me wonder that if they admit openly to eating these products (even while some are claiming to be wholefood vegans — WTF!) what else are they eating and drinking that they’re not admitting to?

Certainly one thing that strikes me in the above three items is the obvious paranoia that some vegans have for getting enough protein.   Drinking gallons of soya milk, eating tofu and seitan and bread because they either think, or know, that their diet doesn’t have enough protein in it.

It’s completely ridiculous!

I cannot imagine any wholefood vegan diet being deficient in protein.   For a start, how many people have you ever encountered that have been hospitalised for protein deficiency?   The only people that who suffer any protein deficiency are calorie restricting dieters and people suffering famine.   I’m not aware of any wholefood vegan that has ever suffered from protein deficiency.   If a wholefood vegan diet caused a protein deficiency then i’m sure there would be far more illnesses associated with this diet, when in fact there are incredibly few cases of any illnesses that are massively prevalent in every other diet.

We actually do not need as much protein as dieticians would have us believe.   The current protein levels suggested are heavily influenced by Big Meat and Big Dairy and they have a very big interest in keeping people scared that they’re not getting enough protein.

What’s annoying is that people are so quick to blame their vegan diet for their ills and woes, when in fact they should be blaming the junk/processed foods and drinks that they’re consuming.   Even if you aren’t a vegan, most of your ills will not come from a healthy, wholefood, meat and veg diet, most of your ills will come from junk/processed foods.

Wake up and throw the processed junk garbage away — it’s pure poison!   If it has a list of ingredients then it’s adulterated garbage.   Buy wholefood, no matter if you’re veggie, vegan, fruitarian, meat eating, paleo or whatever; you’ll be much healthier for it.

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