Before You Try The Latest Fad Diet

A lot of people with weight problems look at the adverts for various diets and weight loss supplements and think that simply by handing over money and buying the book or the supplements that they can achieve the same changes they see in the before and after pics that usually accompany these scams.

So have a read of this before you’re taken in:

“The art of before-and-after pictures”.

The simple truth is that there is no magic bullet.   Every kilo of fat on your body is the result of you shoving over 9000 calories down your throat that you didn’t need.   And the only way to shift every kilo of fat off your body is to burb 9000 calories that you haven’t eaten.

That’s the simple truth.   Amen

And to put this into perspective, it’s possible to cycle the height of Mount Everest from sea level and back down again using less than 9000 calories.   That’s 8848 metres of pure climbing plus the distance to do it.

Food for thought!

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