Basic Bread Recipe…

9.5 oz warm water about 30 degrees
1 heap tsp yeast
1 round tsp salt
240 grams Doves wholemeal flour
240 grams Doves unbleached white flour
6 desert spoons oil

Disolve yeast in the water, add flour, then salt and oil.

Knead until the dough is quite elastic and smooth – you can do this in a food mixer with dough hooks. It shouldn’t be sticking to anything and it shouldn’t be so dry as to being rough textured. The above recipe should be slightly wet so you should need to add a little flour when kneading.

Kneading is required to develop the gluten, which is the protein in the flour. It’s the gluten that holds the bread together when the yeast starts to produce CO2 making it expand

Place in bowl and cover with a damp cloth and let it prove in a warm room until the surface starts to pull apart (about two hours at 24 degrees)

This first proving is important in that it allows the yeast to activate fully and multiply giving the bread a really good natural flavour while at the same time developing and strengthening the gluten to give the dough more strength and better texture. If you leave the dough in cooler temperatures it will take longer to rise but will develop more flavour and different texture, some bakers will leave dough in a cool room over night, so do experiment to find what works best for you. You can use this time/temp thing to fit your baking into a busy schedule by leaving the bread to rise while you’re at work all day.

Knock back the dough – knead all the air out of it taking it back to original size

Shape into loaf or rolls place into non stick tin or onto a baking sheet – don’t ever wash these!

Prove till double size

Bake at gas 8.5 for 30 minutes

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