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So it’s been a bit of messy 9 months.

I moved into a new house in November, which is not much in itself, but for years i’ve been living in shared spaces and communes and suddenly i’m living alone and having to pay bills and manage things that i hadn’t had to manage for 9 years.   It was quite a change to find myself alone in the world again with responsibilities that i had to bear on my own.   But, luckily, i managed to keep most of my fitness through it all.

The last 3 months have been the toughest with personal life stuff being flung at me, but that’s life i suppose, we can’t live in bubbles and utter isolation, the world outside creeps in occasionally with stuff we don’t need or want and we have to deal with it and our own desires and goals have to be put aside for a while.

And while all that was going on i took the time to start learning how the brain works.   One thing i’ve noticed from my own training is that endurance athletics takes a lot of mental effort as well as physical, and listening to, watching videos of, and reading books by top endurance athletes they all seem to have that same opinion.

So the last few months has been the beginning of my exploration of my brain and how it works and how i can make it work better for me and my goals.   It’s just the beginning of a work in progress and i’ll update the site as i learn things.

And that brings me to now.   I looked back over my training diary and realised what’s been left behind: breath tables, yoga, stretching, strength training, running, swimming, and i’ve decided that i’m going to begin again with a new found enthusiasm.

I’ve learned a lot over the last 2 years, and i’m a hell of a lot fitter too, so i’m beginning again from a different place with a lot more knowledge of what i want and how i’m going to get it.

And i hope to be a bit more enthusiastic about keeping the website up to date.   As usual all my training will be on my Garmin Connect account — nothing is hidden, everything i do goes on there.

We all fall off our wagons occasionally, if we don’t fall off i’m pretty sure life will kick us off, because that’s living.   What makes us who we are is how we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get back on the wagon.

Best wishes.

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