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Bridge of Sighs – Laura Morelli

Click on image to buy the book. This was a free offering from Laura for signing up to her newsletter when i got to the end of ‘The Gondola Maker’. As shorts go it’s a good well written piece in much the same style as ‘The Gondola Maker’ at around the same time and place. read more »

Babel-17 – Samuel R. Delany

Click on image to buy the book. One of the most imaginative sci-fi novels i’ve ever read.. I only bought it because i was looking for a book i read about 30 years ago that i can’t remember the title of and thought this may have been it, but it wasn’t. But i’m certainly not read more »

It’s Official, i’m a Masochist…

And this little picture is all i get for riding my virtual bike up a virtual mountain 25 times. So why do it, because we’re masochists, why else? I started this challenge on 14th October, that was the first time i rode up the mountain, and i finished today on the 14th November. Which i’m read more »

A Child at Heart – Christopher Phillips

Click on image to buy the book. Or to give it its full title… ‘A Child at Heart: Unlocking Your Creativity, Curiosity, and Reason at Every Age and Stage of Life’. Those of us interested in longevity and remaining young, fit and healthy as long as possible, realise early on that it all begins in read more »

The Gondola Maker: A Novel of 16th-Century Venice – Laura Morelli

Click on image to buy the book. I’ve never been to Venice and other than, it’s got canals, i know nothing about the place, so i can genuinely say that it’s not required to enjoy this book. Our protagonist, Luca, is the oldest son of one of Venices finest gondola makers, and when he completely read more »

How to Post to Instagram from PC using Firefox…

I just wrote what i hope is an easy to follow page on how to post from PC to Instagram. Have fun! #PCtoInstagram #Instagram

Instagram Plunge…

I’ve finally got my shit together and figured out how to post to Instagram from Firefox browser, so i’ve taken the plunge and started posting my stuff on there if you want to follow me that way. My book reviews go to ‘Kindle Review’ and the fitness and health stuff goes to ‘Growing Young’. I’ll read more »

Magnificent Devices Bundle, Volume 1 – Shelley Adina

Click on image to buy the book. While i found most of this rather ridiculous, like Clair, our 17 year old protagonist, is James Bond on super miraculous, mentally and physically, performance enhancing drugs or something, it is still at the same time a rather enjoyable read. 12 days to get through 4 books isn’t read more »

Zwift World Hack Update…

Just updated the ‘Zwift World Hack’ page to include New York. Use this simple hack to ride whichever world you chose whenever you want. #gettingfitter #growingyoung #lovezwift #gozwift #bicyles #cycling #fitness #health #bikes

Meadowland: the private life of an English field – John Lewis-Stempel…

Click on image to buy the book. A beautiful book from a wonderful writer. The reader is transported to a working Herefordshire farm where they journey through the life of a real, English meadow from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, wonderfully detailing what most wouldn’t notice but what, to a meadow, are crucially important aspects read more »