Annoying Food Excuses — It’s Too Expensive

A doctor on the internet suggested that eating 1 lb of greens a day would dramatically improve people’s health and go a long way to reversing type 2 diabetes.

In the comments there was the usual complaint:   “1 lb of greens is too expensive.”

I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve heard the excuse from unhealthy people that eating healthy is too expensive, that they would love to eat healthier but just can’t afford to.

Utter bollox!!!   I call shenanigans on all of them.

1 lb is 454 grams

Current prices in my local Tesco supermarket (other UK supermarkets have similar prices).

Broccoli: currently at 55 pence for 350g pre-packed.   However, if you go in the morning you’ll find many heads of 350g pre-packed broccoli that actually weigh over 454g.

Broccoli can be cut up into little bits (stems included) and frozen and then steamed, added to soups, stews and smoothies all day long.   Easy and affordable to get through 1lb in a day.

Savoy Cabbage: currently at 69 pence per head.   Again, go early and you’ll find plenty of heads that weigh at least 454g.

Keep heads of savoy in bag in chill draw in fridge and only take off outer leaves to use and it’ll stay fresh for over a week — never cut into a whole cabbage unless you intend to use it all.   Finely chop the leaves and add to salads, steam the leaves whole, etc..   Once again, easy to munch through 1lb in a day and very affordable.   Put stems in a container in fridge, or freezer, and add to smoothies to make them more nutritious — don’t throw the stems away.

Red Cabbage: 47 pence for at least 1kg if you go early in the morning and grab the big ones.   OK, it’s technically not a green, but it has all the same benefits and more.   Red cabbage has the most anti-oxidants per penny than any other food stuff.

As with savoy cabbage, keep it in a bag in the chill drawer, only take off outer leaves and save the stems for smoothies — don’t waste good food.

Collard Greens: 62 pence for at least 454g.

I like to separate these into whole leaves and lay them flat in a freezer drawer.   When you thaw them out you can use them to make sushi style wraps completely raw — seriously nice!

A little more pricey

Kale: currently on sale at 49 pence for 206g = £1.08 for 1 lb.

Spinach: 63 pence for 200 grams

Sweetheart: 79 pence each

And that’s just a quick glance at one supermarket.   You can find much cheaper than this if you shop around.

How much was that big-macfilth meal you ate last night?

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