Ajax penumbra: 1969 – Robin Sloan

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I came across the main book, ‘Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store’ while i was looking for stories about people in book shops, having just read ‘The Little Paris Bookshop’.

And i’m glad i did go looking. I really enjoyed Mr. Penumbra’s, and was more than happy to discover this little back story, ‘Ajax penumbra: 1969’.

Robin has quickly become a favourite writer – i just started reading ‘Sourdough’ immediately after finishing this. His stories have a really nice flow with interesting likeable characters and nice easy going English.

Which should one read first? Knowing what i know now, i would read Ajax penumbra 1969 first, as i now feel that i need to go and re-read …24 Hour Book Store again to give it more clarity.

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