Is it really true that as our birthdays pass away that our health, fitness and wellbeing should pass away with them?   Are chronic illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc., age related?   Do we really have to accept the decline in our minds and bodies that the health care industry, doctors, etc., tell everyone is inevitable?

The answer is no, no and no again.

We do not need to grow old, sick, unfit and unhealthy.   None of the chronic diseases that are now rampant in our society need be put up with — they’re all caused by lifestyle, environment and diet, not the passing of birthdays.

Through this website you can join me on my journey in Growing Young.   You can learn about the lifestyle, environment and dietary choices that i have made to keep me fit, healthy and above all, happy.

Or you can just give up and suffer the inevitable decline that your doctor tells you is what happens when you grow old.

I turned 53 years old in October 2017.   I bought my road bike for my 50th birthday and began my training to do triathlons, i’ve since completed an Olympic distance triathlon and i’m currently training for 70.3 (half ironman) triathlon.

On this website you’ll find all my latest achievements, health scores, diet ideas, thoughts and everything else i’m learning and achieving on my journey in Growing Young

You don’t have to give up, grow old and give in to the chronic diseases that the corporate machine and the doctors who serve it wish upon you simply to make more profit at your expense.   Instead, join me on my journey in Growing Young and be happy, healthy, fit and well.

Remember, you’re never too old to grow younger!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.