About the Bread Recipes…


All my bread recipes are using Doves Farm organic bread flours. You can get it in most supermarkets and all health food shops. You can use other bread flours, but you’ll find that you may have to add a little more or less as different flours absorb different amounts of water depending on their grading. At the end of the kneading you want a nice, firm, elastic, non-sticky dough. The dough should leave the work top clean but be pliable enough that it’s not tearing apart when you need it.

You also have to factor in that you’ll be using a different set of scales to me and a different measuring cup so recipes may still need adjusting if you use the same flour.

If you are concerned about your weight, feel free to use less oil. You can use as little as one desert spoon and still achieve a decent loaf. But remember that if you use less oil you’ll have to use a little more water.

If you do adjust the recipes, keep a note on exactly how much you use and stick to it. It makes baking a lot easier if you measure things exactly and the end result is always much better.

I personally like to use extra virgin olive oil, and recommend if you are going to make your own bread then don’t resort to cheap oils, use quality healthy ones.

The yeast is Allinson Dried Active Yeast. It comes in a little tin that’s easily recyclable, and also comes with a sealable plastic lid so they’re also very good for storage if you want to re-use the empty tins for something else. This yeast doesn’t need reactivating with sugar in these recipes and please ignore the amount it says to use on the tin; they want you to use more than you need in order to sell you more than you need.

I’ve written all the recipes for baking by hand, but you can use a machine for them all.

Best wishes.