56 Mile TT (Road to Ruins)…

My fastest 56 miles on Zwift’s ‘Road to Ruins’ course…

Done on the Cervelo S5 with 808’s which turned out to be 0:2:27 per lap slower than my usual Tron bike. Added to the Cervelo woes i sacked out for the last 90 minutes to save myself for my charity ride on Saturday (it’s a great excuse so…. 😀 ) which left me just outside the top 56% – which is pretty poor but not too bad considering.

I checked on the leader board and if i just did each of the 3 laps at the Tron bike speed i would be in the top 37%. So i’ll definitely be looking forward to revisiting this course in the future and i won’t be riding the Cervelo any more.

Quite an enjoyable course with 2732 feet of elevation gain.

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