56 Mile TT (Greater London 8)…

My fastest 56 mile TT on Zwift’s ‘Greater London 8’ course…

Done on the Tron bike. Just inside the top 70%, which is pretty poor, i know.

Excuse… i just ran out of legs today after 1:45 and really suffered the rest of the way. After last week’s 117 mile around Richmond i really didn’t give my legs enough recovery. But i still got to day 4 of my training plan before they finally gave out. Looking forward to coming back to this course at some time in the future for a full run at it, but i’m moving on to the next London course for now.

It’s quite amazing in that there’s over 11,400 riders have done one lap on this course while only 1850 have been around twice, and only 72 manage 4 times. And poor me goes from being in the top 28% of those 11,459 riders who have been around once to being in the top 44% of 1850 who have been around twice to the top 70% of those 72 who have been around 4 times. 😀

It starts at the start banner.

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