Cipher Hill (Free-Wrench #5) (book review)…

Cipher Hill by Joseph Lallo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

More wonderful, shenaniganic fun aboard ‘Wind Breaker’.

Sadly, for now, this is the last book in Joseph’s ‘Free Wrench’ series, but i certainly hope he’ll be adding some more at some point. Captain Mack and the crew are just too much fun to leave them here forever.

I really can’t say enough about Joseph’s writing, it’s perfect in every way. His ‘Book of Deacon’ series is just the same quality of writing and so far he has never left me disappointed at buying any of his books.

If you enjoyed watching ‘Firefly’ then i would totally recommend a look at this series of books – i really can’t see you being disappointed.

Once i’ve cleared my Kindle backlog a little more i’ll definitely be diving in Joseph’s ‘Big Sigma’ series next before coming back to re-read the whole of ‘Book of Deacon’ adding in the new stories that Joseph has added since i last read it all. Writers like Joseph is why i love books.

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