April’s Best Efforts…

April’s been quite a pleasing month.

Vice wise… Onto a fully raw diet now, but had to go back on the vape to do it. It seems at the moment it’s one or the other. I just crave bread, beans and potatoes as soon as i quit nicotine, and the cravings are intolerable so i always collapse to them.

I also ended back on the coffee to maintain some enthusiasm in the morning after fully quitting the cacao. I started with 2 mugs with 6 grams of full caff in them and have now weaned it down to 3 cups with 1.5 grams of full caff and 4.5 grams of decaf. So my caffeine intake is slowly reducing and i’m able to maintain enthusiasm and it’s keeping me at full gas for my training.

I did try going cold turkey once i got down to 3 + 3 grams with coffee and once again lost all enthusiasm and just struggled on the bike. Yes, caffeine is a performance enhancing drug as it’s make perceived effort so much lower than it really is. But i’ve found that by reducing the full caff coffee 1/2 gram at a time and replacing that with decaf every few days i haven’t noticed any loss on the perceived effort front nor any desire for cacao either.

So fingers crossed i should be completely weaned off coffee by end of May while maintaining full enthusiasm and perceived effort levels. And then i’ll wean myself off nicotine and hopefully be able to manage the cravings for cooked food if i go gentle enough with that.

But yeah, where there’s a will there’s a way and each person’s addictions are unique to them. You just have to find the correct order in which to deal with your addictions and the correct method of dealing with each of those addictions.

My lowest minimum heart rate for the month…

And my lowest 5 minute average heart rate…

And my lowest blood pressure…

So i’m pretty happy with the health and look forward to some even lower heart rate numbers once i sort out the coffee and nicotine.

Onto the training…

Once again, it’s been a busy and full on month where i’ve done some training every single day and my average power is continuously creeping up. A little bit each 5 days, but all those little bits will add up over a year or two to something quite significant. So well happy with everything.

Cycling covered 709.6 miles in 44:16:50 burning 22,058 calories while climbing 38963.46 ft, which i’m pretty happy with.

Walking covered 18.51 miles in 11:22:24 burning 1,955 calories.

Running covered 29.59 miles in 5:17:50 burning 2,453 calories, so a nice increase on March. The foot is much better and hasn’t been a problem, but all the cycling takes a toll on the legs. But i managed a couple of days doing quarter marathons so my plan is to work at that distance and get that below 1 hour before increasing the distance.

And weight training was a total of 17:08:58 burning 2,563 calories. I’ve really settled into a nice routine and improving in strength all the time with the weights now and while the rest of the training suffered a fair bit while i got settled into it it’s certainly feeling worth it overall.

Anyway, that’s a total of 28,554 calories burned for the month which is over 3 kilos of pure fat and that total doesn’t take into account the extra calories my body burns in recovery. That’s a lot of extra food i get to shove in my mouth without putting on unwanted weight – and i love eating food and not putting on weight. 😀

Other things…

The new stem and changing the saddle position really helped with the back and knee soreness. Totally sorted out the problems, so job well done and slowly getting more and more comfortable in the new position. I also raised the stem 12mm at the same time and once i get really comfy with it i’ll lower it slowly back down.

Other than that, nothing much else to report. Just to say that i’m really pleased with how it’s all going at the moment and will keep on keeping on with what i’m doing as it really is working.

Anyways, wishing anyone reading this a fit, healthy and well May. Have fun and keep ‘Growing Young’ else you’ll have to do the other option and grow old.

Best wishes.

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