March’s Best Efforts…

March was so, so much better than February.

Vice wise… i’ve finally managed to quit the vape. Yes folks, no more nicotine. Admittedly, i put on a bit of weight as i allowed myself to eat a little bit of refined crap during the withdrawal phase, but i’m slowly getting my diet back together.

It’s a long story as to how i managed it but one thing that’s come out of the process is that i simply can’t tolerate coffee any more. It just makes me feel sick, which is great, two birds with one stone. I’m not missing either at all, it’s like i found an on/off switch for the addiction and it’s been very firmly turned off and i’m not going to turn it back on.

For April, i’ve began weaning myself off cacao, which i’m taking slowly, but hopefully will be free of that about half way through the month. But it’ll take as long as it takes and maybe have to play yo yo with the wagon for a while with this one. We shall see.

So that’s all i’m focusing on for April – weaning myself completely off cacao while totally cleaning up my diet and moving to fully raw once i’ve got fully off the cacao.

Health wise, all went well with the right foot issue. ‘Touch wood’, it’s healing nicely. The running pace and distance totally sucks donkey’s at the moment, which is down to a mix of putting on some weight when i quit vape, the lower aero bars and bike position, the weight training, the amount of cycling i’m currently doing. You can’t have everything, and what you gain in some places you have to lose in others. I feel like March was mostly spent just getting my body used to pushing and pulling weights again, and what with taking it really easy so as not to bother the foot injury again my running had to suffer a little. Hopefully that’ll all settle down through April and i can start making some running gains again.

I made a much better effort on the meditation front and monitoring my heart this month, which came up with some good results…

My lowest minimum for the month…

And my lowest 5 minute average…

It’s amazing how quickly they return back to low 40’s after quitting the vape where they mostly stayed in the low 50’s with occasional visits to high 40’s. Looking forward to getting into the high 30’s again once i’m fully weaned off the cacao and my diet and sleep settles back down.

Onto the training…

Yeah, it’s been a busy and full on calendar. I’m still adjusting to it and a tiny bit more tweaking needs doing, but the new program is working well and i’m really enjoying training every day. I really don’t do well having a day off.

Cycling covered 649.96 miles in 48:13:40 using 22,058 calories, which is almost the same time and calories as February but a fair few more miles, but i climbed 54660.5 ft which is 20,000 less than February. So i think the cycling, overall, is about equal with February.

Walking covered 18.85 miles in 12:08:05 using 2,172 calories, which is nearly the running and walking combined of February. But from now on i’m splitting the totals as i no longer do any walking on my runs, so totally separate exercise now. And with the weather warming up i’m planning to get out and walk a lot more as well.

Running covered 26.49 miles in 6:23:04 using 1,853 calories, which beats out the walk/run combined totals of February. So all good on the legs as i build back up slowly from the foot injury.

Other things…

I’m well into my second month on Rouvy and enjoying it even more. I’m definitely not missing Zwift and cartoon land.

One thing i’ve noticed about Rouvy, is those totally sketchy moments that you get while real world riding. The child falling in front of you while you’re tanking along at 25 mph, the truck cutting you up, etc.. I’ve had moments on Rouvy where i’ve actually grabbed the brakes – like it’s going to make a difference. But i really do get lost in it sometimes, which is something that never ever happened on Zwift. And i love travelling the world on Rouvy and riding all those places i can only currently dream of riding when i win Euromillions.

The new tri bars are still taking a toll. I found i’m getting a little lower back, and knee pain from this new position. I’ve got a new stem arrived yesterday, so i’m going to put that on today and raise it up at the same time and have a play around with that and the saddle height and see what i can come up with. Hopefully that should help sort the running out a bit as well.

But yeah, i’m really happy with how March went, and looking forward to at least an equally good April and getting outdoors a lot more.

So wishing anyone reading this a fit, healthy and well April yourselves.

Best wishes.

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