January’s Best Efforts…

My crappy January…

I started the year in a bit of a crap state. To be honest i still hadn’t allowed my body to recover from the 200 miler at the beginning of December properly, going back to pushing things too soon, when, with hindsight, i should have eased back into it a lot slower. Lesson learned.

So i had no real choice but to bite the bullet and back off completely and do what i should have done immediately after the 200 miler.

So it’s been taking three steps back in order to move 4 steps forward.

But at the end of the month i found that by backing off on the power a bit and shortening the runs but running every other day instead of every 3 or 4 days, i was able to keep training without needing a day off, recovering well and got back to burning just as many calories a week as i was when going much harder for less time. So basically more very aerobic based training without any harder intervals above zone 2. And i like it.

My aim now is to just leave the cycling as is as i’ve got to where is nicely manageable but to focus on building the running up. So i’ll see how that goes – it’s all rather experimental.

My training calendar for the month…

..and some reasonable totals achieved…

Cycling covered 853.63 miles in 48:35:50 using 21,789 calories, which is a little better than December even with the couple of really bad weeks at the beginning of the month, so i’m fairly happy with that.

Walking/Running covered 73.63 mi miles in 14:34:03 using 5015 calories, which again, is a ton better than December’s and even better than November’s while only a few miles short of my best running month in October. So all good there.

Other things…

My main computer packed up so had to switch over to my lower spec tower which won’t run Zwift. But it does a good job on Rouvy, which i’m quite enjoying. I spoke at length here about my current feelings about Zwift. It wasn’t until i switched over to another virtual platform that i started to really notice Zwift’s short comings. It’s going to be an interesting year in virtual exercise with lots of new platforms currently in beta and existing ones improving all the time. Zwift is going to fail if it doesn’t get it’s act together soon. There’s plenty of choice to be had and i would suggest that people have a go at all the free trials on offer and see which they like the best. After all, at the end of the day, it’s what’s going to keep you motivated, not what someone else likes. So find the platform that works best for you and enjoy the shit out of it.

The other thing that took its toll in January was moving to the tri bars full time. For the whole month, any time i wasn’t out of the saddle i was down on the tri bars and that quite kicked the crap out of my legs and shoulders. But the last week of the month my shoulders stopped aching towards the end of a 3 hour ride and i started getting really good proprioception in my legs and torso. So, as much as it looks, on paper, like i had a crappy month, i actually had a really good one in the end. So well pleased with that. I fully intend to stay down on the tri bars from now on any time i’m not in the saddle.

Had a falling off the wagon with coffee and vape and cooked food, but back on the raw wagon and weaning myself off the coffee and vape. I’m definitely going for another big quit in February. I’m not going to quit quitting.

And the falling off the wagon was why i haven’t been doing any breath work/meditation this month either. I’m definitely going to get back into that as soon as i’m back on after the big quit.

I did manage to stay off the cacao though, which i definitely feel like i missed the effects of in training. Just felt really sluggish and everything felt so much more taxing – but that might have been something else like going to the tri bars full time or simply not meditating and doing my breath work, maybe just a bit of everything all adding up.

But, all in all, with hindsight, i’m fairly pleased with January as a whole, albeit rather crappy looking on the calender and also feeling really crappy at times. Which is why i like writing these posts once a month. It gives me chance to look back and take a more balanced view of how the month went rather than just relying on how i felt from day to day – a good idea for anyone training, i think.

Anyways, have a fit, healthy and well February.

Best wishes.

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