November’s Best Efforts…

I reckon November went quite well.

Still off the alcohol, 6 months now, not missing it at all and really happy in life without it. As to my other vices that i have been dealing with lately, well that has resulted in quitting Chocolate and sugar (which i’m very pleased about) and as i head into December i’ll still keep working on the others – determined not to quit quitting. Oddly, now i haven’t had chocolate for about 6 weeks i’m really not missing it any more. Sugar in drinks took a couple of weeks to get used to but once the first 2 weeks had passed it just became normal to go without.

I also moved my computer in front of my treadmill to stop me sitting down all day. So half way through November i started standing and walking all day long, which has been quite an adjustment. More on that later.

So what happened in November training wise…

I got a new lowest ever minimum heart rate, which i’m well pleased with.

Lowest average heart rate for the month was 44.31, which is also very pleasing…

And a fairly good BP as well…

So all pretty good on the health front.

Broke my 112 mile record. Which i keep saying i won’t be doing these long rides at the moment but sometimes they just become too tempting. Didn’t really have any particular reason for doing this other than i just felt like it.

The rest of the rides have been going through the courses doing some more TT’s (which you can find in my Zwift TT category and my Course Record category). I did find some more Zwift challenges to occupy myself with which i’ll report on next month.

My latest Zwift fad is redoing all my TT’s so that i can get the elevation gain for each one – it passes the time. LOL

Managed to up the watts once this month, but that was just before all the standing and walking i’ve been doing now my computer isn’t in front of an arm chair. Since then it’s been rather tough on my legs and feet but still managed to increase the distance on the bike by nearly 25% over last month so still really happy. At the end of the day, it is what it is.

My thing with all the standing and walking is to get myself used to being on my feet for extended periods of time – which is what i’ll eventually need to do when i start running ultras. So i thought i may as well start now and start getting used to it. The cycling and running will eventually catch back up to where they were once my legs adjust, and if it takes a few months then that’s fine with me. It’s going to have to happen sooner or later so might as well happen now.

My training calendar for the month…

..and some great totals achieved…

Cycling covered 1022.25 miles in 52:18:02 using 24,497 calories, which is a really good increase in distance, time and calories which i’m really happy with as this is all about building my endurance base. It works out to an average 19.55 MPH, so an increase in speed over last month as well. And my first month riding over 1000 miles – hope to see more of that in the future.

Walking/Running covered 62.16 miles in 11:48:05 using 4,369 calories. Which is quite a decrease on last month but all down to the standing up and walking all day long. Hopefully December should see things settle down with this, but it’ll take as long as it takes.

Other things…

Getting much more comfy on the tri bars but still not down on them full time. But, as with everything else, it’ll take as long as it takes. I’m not going to cause myself problems now rushing into an aero position that i’ve got 6 months to adjust to.

And also hit my highest ever calorie burn in one week. 9,494 calories – awesome!!! I get to seriously stuff my face with food when i train like this. 😀

And that’s about it. Really looking forward to December and what it brings. I don’t suppose Santa will bring me a really nice tri bike though – but you never know.

But yeah, all in all November was a very good month. Feeling good, feeling positive and feeling happy.

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