October’s Best Efforts…

Well i think i’m very happy with my October’s efforts.

Still off the alcohol, quit all the leftover vices i was still clinging onto as i said i would, but ended up back at the vape and cacao as i couldn’t stop craving and picking at cooked food and drinking coffee. So gave in on those 2 and it’s certainly helped as i haven’t eaten any cooked food for over week now and its been 12 days since my last coffee and i feel great about it. So going to keep things as they are at the moment and see how it goes through November – fingers crossed.

So what happened in October training wise…

The yoga hasn’t made a comeback, going to leave that for a while until i get my sub 2 hour half marathon – the yoga just messes my other training up and i really want to hit that sub 2. And meditation has been a bit hit and miss this month, but will be getting back into that fully in November as i actually miss it.

Minimum heart rate for the month was pretty good, but this was done while off the cacao and vape…

BP was up most of the month due to the fat and salt in the cooked food, but started to come down at the end…

So the vape and cacao is definitely affecting those quite a lot as my heart rate is back at around 50 again. But once i’ve given the raw food a miss for a whole 6 weeks (the brain needs 6 weeks to attune to new habits) i’ll be ditching the vape and cacao again, they’re only temporary.

Done my first 112 mile ride this month, which i’m really pleased about and also did my best ever 100km time too. I know i’ve mentioned on other posts that i had no intention of doing a 112 mile ride in the near future, but there was a Diamondback Andean bike raffle on Zwift and i got 5 tickets for doing 112 miles in one ride and i just had to go for it.

Luckily my new Chinese rip-off Adamo PN saddle turned up the day before and it is amazing. The most comfortable thing i’ve ever sat on a bike on, and i don’t think i could have made it through the 112 miles on my other saddles without a seriously injured butt. My butt was totally fine at the end, even though my legs were shot after 2 1/2 hours.

The rest of the rides have been going through the courses i haven’t done TT’s on yet and setting some times on those (which you can find in my Zwift TT category and my new Course Record category) as i’ve got no challenges left to do. Still got a few courses to do so plenty to keep me enjoying myself on Zwift.

I’ve also managed to up the watts twice this month for the first time since switching to 6 day training plan, so everything seems to be going really well with the plan, so all fantastic on the bike.

Still haven’t got up to 12 miles on the treadmill, i’m just short of 11 at the moment, but there you go. I did manage to up the distance though, so not worried too much – quite happy, in fact. It’ll get there when it gets there.

My training calendar for the month…

..and some great totals achieved…

Cycling covered 855.16 miles in 46:39:09 using 21,816 calories, which is a really good increase in distance, time and calories which i’m really happy with as this is all about building my endurance base. It works out to an average 18.33 MPH, so a slight decrease in speed over last month, but that’s ok. The speed thing was down to to all the Light Haul interval workouts i now have in my training each week and me playing around on the hilly courses setting new TT’s, i know my average power on my Long Haul workouts increased by 4 watts over the month while the Light Haul stayed the same watts, which is the important thing.

To put it another way, in October i climbed 45862 feet while in September in only climbed 27949 feet, which is a lot of difference. So to only have lost 0.71 MPH over the month is pretty impressive.

Walking/Running covered 81.48 miles in 14:13:14 using 5,830 calories. Which is a huge increase in distance and speed with not so much increase in calories to do it. So well pleased with that.

Other things…

Still building up to full time on the tri-bars, but going well. Just little increases at a time seem to be doing it nicely as i’m feeling comfortable and no stress issues. The new saddle has certainly been a great advantage with them and once i get on the bars full time and comfortable i’m going to get shorter cranks and then a negative stem as the new saddle will allow me to get far more aero than the old one. I can understand why Adamo’s were the most popular saddle at Kona this year. They’re awesome – especially the PN models for those us with little skinny bums.

And really settled into the 6 day training week now with amazing results, as you can see from the calendar, so definitely keeping that going.

And that’s about it. Really looking forward to finishing day 6’s bike ride tomorrow and having a very well deserved rest day and getting back on it through November.

So yeah, all in all October was a very good month. Feeling good, feeling positive and feeling happy. I’m ready for November.

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