September’s Best Efforts…

Well, i’m still off the alcohol, but September was a difficult month.

Mostly it’s gone fairly well, but the cooked food was creeping in a fair bit and coffee and cacao and vape have been taking more and more of a space up in my life. But i just accepted it until this last weekend and my birthday and then the final reboot. Which is where i am just about to begin as i write this.

Had a great weekend away for my birthday, lots of friends and good times. Felt much more comfortable not drinking now i’ve got used to it and everyone seems used to me sober, so that was good. But i did eat a lot of junk and cooked vegan stuff and vaped way too much and did way too much coffee and a bit of codeine. And then ended up coming back a day late and just not getting back on it when i had planned.

But tomorrow is the beginning of the new me and that’s that. All cleaned up, all the vices gone, and see what happens next. Bring it on.

So what happened in September training wise…

The yoga was a bit hit and miss. Cut that back towards the end and definitely noticed an improvement on the other training, but need to look into that more once i’ve got off the vices. Was a good month for meditating though and will definitely be taking that forward with me.

With all the coffee and vape and cacao i certainly didn’t hit any minimum heart rates this month and my lowest BP was 105/68 @ 54 bpm…

It definitely goes to show that even if you are really fit and healthy, adding coffee, vape, cacao, etc., can still have quite a dramatic affect. Approx 10 bpm higher resting heart rate, and 10 points blood pressure. That can be the difference between life and death for some people, and if it’s doing this to someone with my health and fitness levels, i hate to think what it does to people with low health and fitness levels.

No fastest TT’s ever this month due to switching over onto the climbing challenge after the Tour Italy was finished. Although i did smash my best 100km and 56 mile on my London Pretzel Flattened course before i switched.

And since then i’ve been playing around Zwift on the hillier courses trying to find nice 56 mile TT rides of about 1000 meters (2017 70.3 world champs elevation) and doing those in under 3 hours. So far i’ve got Watopia Hilly and Greater London Loop done. More to add this month. So all good on the bike front.

And still haven’t got up to 12 miles on the treadmill. That’s coming along slowly, but it is coming along. I think the bike just takes too much out of my legs to make much gains on the running at the moment, but the bike’s getting easier as i’m not upping that until i get the running level up, so hopefully that’ll be better this month, but we’ll see. Not going to hurt myself to get there.

My training calendar for the month has certainly been full…

..and some great totals achieved…

Cycling covered 720.66 miles in 37:08:18 using 16,944 calories. That’s an average 19.04 MPH, which is a small decrease in distance, time and speed over last month. That was down to a couple of factors, one being the change to 6 days training plan killing the training on day 4 twice with me not being able to train at all on one day 4 and then sacking out on another, and the other issue was changing to hilly courses, which obviously slows me down as i do less miles in same time. But, again, hopefully that’ll work itself out over October as things get more settled in and i get a little bit fitter and stronger as well.

Walking/Running covered 56.64 miles in 11:45:01 using 4,916 calories. Which is a small decrease in distance but good increase in speed while using a lot less calories, so well pleased with that especially considering the problems i’m having with the running. But it does prove that it’s getting better.

Other things…

Tri bars are going well. Really settling into them nicely. Still not on them full time, but will work up to that slowly. But all good for the time i am using them.

The new 6 day training week was certainly a success, albeit a little taxing in places. HRV telling me to take a day off is not something i usually see, but i took the advice and it worked out well. So will be sticking to this plan from now on as i really enjoy it and it certainly seems to be taking me in the direction i want to be going.

And that’s about it. Just going to face my demons starting tomorrow when i quit all my vices and happily move ahead in a very different manner. Looking forward to October and all that it might bring.

So yeah, all in all September was a very good month. Feeling good, feeling positive and feeling happy. I’m ready for October.

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