August’s Best Efforts…

Well August hasn’t been too bad a month for my health, fitness and wellbeing.

I’m still off the alcohol, which has been a wonderful thing and the meditation is going incredibly well. No, i didn’t go back to static apnea, just got more into meditation. I even started sitting meditation, seated in half lotus, which unfortunately had quite an impact on my legs and resulted in not making all the gains i had hoped for this month, but i still gained and i’m now doing seating meditation every day and just started moving for short periods into full lotus, hero, reclined hero and cow face poses.

I’m quite determined to eventually pull all my yoga back together while maintaining my current levels of fitness, but that’s going to take time – but i’m patient.

So i didn’t hit any minimum heart rates this month but my lowest BP was 98/61 @ 46 bpm…

To be fair, i don’t think it’ll ever go much lower than high 90’s over low 60’s without adverse affects. I’m certainly comfortable with it at that level and it’s certainly a great level to maintain.

No fastest 40 km’s this month, but managed to beat my best ever 56 mile and 100 km times using Zwift’s London Flat course, while also beating my fastest 56 mile and 100 km times on Zwift’s Volcano Flat course. And finally got to level 25 on Zwift and got the Tron Bike too. So very happy with that.

While i had hoped to be running a full 12 miles in 2 hours by the end of August, i didn’t make it. As i said earlier, the seated meditation with the half lotus really took a lot of umfff out of my legs, loosening and opening up the joints, and when it came to running i really suffered. But i still made a fair bit of progress and i’m happy with that.

My training calendar for the month has certainly been full…

..and some great totals achieved…

Cycling covered 755.24 miles in 36:51:42 using 17,100 calories. That’s an average 20.49 MPH, which is an increase in distance, time and speed over last month.

Walking/Running covered 59.40 miles in 14:50:21 using 5,234 calories. Which is a huge increase in distance for very little time increases over last month, so well pleased with that especially considering the problems i’m having with the yoga poses screwing up my running.

Other things…

I got some tri-bars for Waldo (my bike) and today was the first day of trying them out. Went really well and looking forward to getting used to them through September. Hopefully they won’t screw up my cycling too much, but may have to take a bit of a hit for a while as i get used to a whole new position on the bike. But first hour went well and hopefully it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

And i’ve changed my training plan to a 6 day week, this being the first. As i write this i’ve just finished the ride/run brick of day 5 and although i had to cut the run short today due to my loose hip from the yoga i’m really happy with how this week’s gone so far. Just a short-ish ride planned tomorrow to round things off and then Sunday to chill out and rest ready for next week. That i got both 3 hour bikes in this week at the full planned power has made me soooo happy. And all this while increasing the yoga poses, hardly surprising the running has taken a bit of a hit. Looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

And…. i fell off the raw food wagon a couple of times again, mostly due to a friend’s birthday party leading me into temptation (it’s not very often there’s piles of lovely vegan food to tuck into and his wife makes some lovely vegan food) and when i got home it took a lot of struggle getting back on the raw wagon after i’d had a taste of salt and fat and stuff. But i’m there again and have plans in place for future parties to deal with those temptations – fingers crossed.

So yeah, all in all a very good month. Feeling good, feeling positive and feeling happy. I’m ready for September!!! (hope the weather’s better) 😀

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