July’s Best Efforts…

July has been a wonderful month for health, fitness and wellbeing.

One of the main things this month was putting the static apnea on hold and switching to just breath watch meditating to see how that would be.  I’m now meditating twice a day for for 5 and 15 minutes each time and really enjoying the results.  Life is just sooo much better.  It’s certainly helped with my sobriety, where i haven’t had any alcohol since 4th June and i’m certainly not missing it either.

Because i’ve not been doing the apnea, my minimum heart rate hasn’t had an all time low this month, but it did go down to 41.04 on 11th July, so not too far off the all time low @ 40.80 that was done while doing static apnea…

But this month i did get my lowest ever average heart rate @ 44.65 and also my lowest ever blood pressure @ 94/57. So all looking in good on the cardiovascular system for this 52 year old.

I also got my fastest ever 40km and my fastest ever 100km on the bike and reached level 23 on Zwift and completed the Ride California challenge.

Unfortunately Zwift still haven’t fixed the climbing challenge so i still haven’t been able to get the Tron bike. But busying away on the Tour Italy challenge in the meantime keeps me happy.

And i also started back on the treadmill doing some run walks for up to 2 hours. I’m taking it easy after my foot injury stopped me running for a while and building up slowly, but it’s going really well and certainly feels good in the mind to be back running again. I’m hoping to be running 12 miles in 2 hours by the end of August and then build it up from there to 13.1 in 2 hours which is what i’m aiming for at the moment.

My training calendar for the month has certainly been full…

..and some great totals achieved…

Cycling covered 706.74 miles in 36:16:16 using 21,697 calories. That’s an average 19.48 MPH, which ain’t too shabby for my age and weight. And 30.7 calories per mile, which is 3.5 grams of fat. A litre of diesel is 832 grams, so that would equate to 238 miles per litre of diesel if you managed to get a mile out of 3.5 grams of diesel. So burn fat not oil!!!

Walking/Running covered 36.17 miles in 14:21:05 using 3,712 calories.

Which isn’t too bad for my first couple of weeks back at running. That’ll certainly go up quickly as my running legs come back to me. But the two stats together like that really do show that if you want to exercise to lose weight, the most efficient way of doing it, time wise, is to get a bike and peddle your legs off. You’ll always burn more calories per minute cycling than running or walking, plus the added benefit of it’s very low impact compared to running and walking, especially for those who are over weight. And using a turbo trainer and Zwift it’s traffic free bliss in the comfort of your own home.

Other things…

I fell off the raw food wagon a couple of times with the Farm Shop selling new season Maris Piper potatoes and other seriously delicious local young pots that i just couldn’t resist. But i’ve got rid of my mini oven now so won’t be able to cook them any more, so back on full time raw again. My only vices now are vaping @ 0.3% nicotine (so very low) and raw cacao, and while i do accept that there are some negatives with doing stimulants like these, i think it’s obvious from everything above that they’re not exactly detrimental to my overall health and fitness at the moment. I’m certainly ok with continuing to use them as crutches while i settle fully into life without any other vices and come back at some point in the future and deal with quitting them as well.

So yeah, all in all a very good month. Feeling good, feeling positive and feeling happy. I’m ready for August!!! (hope it’s sunnier) 😀

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